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Why I'll never start a blog

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

I heard once somewhere that there are too many types of mustard. Just hear me out on this. So there are too many types of mustard and it all started with Grey Poupon. When your brain had once conjured a singular image at the term now it plays a near-infinite list of types and uses. Yellow, grainy, powdered, hotdogs, pretzels, ham. There are truly more options than a human being can handle.

The internet is like the condiment aisle. Overrun with potential options. How do I know black pepper is the best choice when there is also red, pink, and grey. How can I decide if the hosting platform will enhance the flavor of my dish. Writing like eating is both neccessary yet overwhelming, often impeded by infinite options.

Nowadays if you want to share your writing you must be willing to spend the time researching where exactly to put those words you just threw up. I started by searching for a free outlet, all I wanted was to put some thoughts out there. Nothing huge or monolithic, just a few prose. But the unending possibilities nearly stopped me from sharing. I got frustrated when I realized there is no way to truly, freely, share one's self with the world. Not unless you don't care about people hearing you. So I bought a domain and chose a place to host it, I picked a preset design because Im too tired and broke to even contemplate learning a new language. So for $2.05 a month I own my name in domain form. Now I do not actually pay per month since that was just marketing. I paid it all up front. And there were extra costs tagged on but Im too technically unaware to opt out of those supposedly necessary extras.

Now here I am. The lonely hole created by not sharing started swallowing me whole so I decided it was worth handing over my hard spent time disguised as money so I can write for an audience of more than me. I don't want to give advice on being more productive or writing better prose. Everything I know about anything I've learned from youtube and Klutz. I have no unique knowledge that isn't purely my opinion, and we all know what that's worth. No Im not here to help you de-clutter your wardrobe or make chewier cookies or overhaul your life and start a-new. I'm here to share words. To be my own voice in a sea of positivity and self given superlatives. I want to be me as much as one can in this literal 'sell yourself' world. I've spent a long time censoring myself but now I think I'll give google a chance.

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